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Precious cargo… it’s the bride and groom

SOME people choose a vintage car to get them to the church on time, while others might opt for a horse and cart.

But Katy Windsor decided on something more unusual for her wedding day. The Up Hatherley bride asked her father-in-law to give her a lift – in the cab of his lorry.

She and husband Aaron Sindle were chauffeured by Aaron’s father Brian Sindle, managing director of B Sindle & Sons Ltd near Stroud, from the church to their reception.

The firm, based in Aston Down, operates highly specialised tanker haulage. And, with

Aaron as an employee of the company, Katy thought it would be a great idea to drive up front in one of the company ’s fleet of lorries. The vehicle was given a special makeover for the most important day of their lives.

Brian and his other son Duane spent three days getting the lorry ready for the big day – painting the tyres, shining up the alloy wheels and decking the vehicle with ribbons.

The couple travelled from Cambray Baptist Church in Cheltenham to the White Horse Chinese restaurant in Sandhurst Lane, Gloucester, on Saturday afternoon. Joining them was Katy’s truck-loving four-year-old son Nicholas, who was a page boy for the wedding.

The occasion was made extra special for 24-year-old Katy, whose mum Susan Windsor travelled to Gloucestershire from Bolivia in South America where she works as a missionary.

Aaron, 23, said: “It’s great to have one of the lorries to use as a wedding car. It’s certainly a bit different and it’s something we won’t forget in a hurry. And because we own the vehicles, it seemed silly not to use them.”

New father-in-law Mr Sindle said he was proud his family business had played a role on the big day.

He said: “It was something that Katy fancied doing and she thought it was a good idea so we started asking around. The local businesses near the church were warned so the lorry could park at the front. We even spoke to the pastor at the church and he was really supportive too.”