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Another New Felbinder Tank Added To The Fleet

Second Feldbinder Carbon tank arrived, as with all our tanks this has the latest in tank top safety with the ABS inertia harness and safety line,stainless steel handrail and alluminium catwalk.Fitted with brake interlock on the handrail to prevent moving off with the handrail up,the independent rear landing legs level and stabalise whilst tipping,the bottom control panel operates all the top valves from floor level,complete with digital onboard weigher,front lift axle and durabright alloy wheels it complements our flleet.

The inside of the tank has been hot sprayed with a specialist coating to prevent early wear and the internal sprinkler system keeps the inside looking as good as the outside.

We expect these tanks to last 10 years+ so have made every effort to get the package right from the start what ever the cost.

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