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Moffett Mounted Curtain Sider

Our Moffett Mounted Curtain Sider can hold up to 27 tonnes. We will arrange for our experienced and fully trained drivers to load and collect your goods at a time and place that is convenient to you. Unlike some haulage vehicles, Curtain Siders are very practical for the loading and unloading of goods as they are easily accessible from both sides.

Our mobile forklift is capable of lifting up to 2 tonnes, making it ideal for heavier and more awkward items, as well as your standard pallets, machinery, scrap bales, recyclables etc. Also it goes wherever your load goes!

APC Residues

APC residues are the by products of cleaning up flue gases from high temperature processes, they are classed as hazardous wastes. B Sindle & Sons Ltd are registered waste carriers with the Environment agency and experienced in APC movements. We are also brokers and can arrange for the safe disposal of your APC residues and do all the paperwork for you too.

Powder Tankers

Our Powder Tanks range from 48 cu/m to 62 cu/m, and all our tractor units have top specification Bulk Powder blowers, mainly GHH and are more than capable of blowing standard materials such as cement, lime and fly ash as well as heavy bulk powders, granules and pellets.

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